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Beats can be compensated by rolling, as on 3-D systems, which provides fast and accurate measurements. The design of the sensors is lightweight and reliable, shock-hazardous places are protected by a durable case with a rubber bumper. The measurement results are transmitted over the Wi-Fi channel, without wires, which increases the convenience of working with the measuring system, as well as its reliability (it is impossible to break or transfer the wire, break the connection connector, pull the wire and drop the sensor, etc.).

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Wheel aligner Hunter DSP700

Wheel alignment system with minimal investment. The ProAlign® software (based on a dedicated Linux computer) contains the key features of Hunter flagship systems. Display results on a widescreen FullHD display.

Installation time 10 - 15 seconds
Compensation Method Pro-Comp
Grab range 10 - 24.5 inches (254 - 622 mm)