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Functional Features:

An electronic balancing stand with a microprocessor capable of balancing wheels weighing up to 150 kg.

To simplify the work and reduce the load on the operator, the balancing machine is equipped with a pneumatic elevator.

The menu system makes it possible to work with various types of wheels (cars and trucks).

A distinctive feature of this balancing is the presence of an electronic ruler, with the help of which automatic determination of the departure and diameter of the disk occurs.

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Unite U-850

Balancing machine UNITE U-850 - professional equipment that is used to balance the wheels of cars, trucks and buses, combining all the best practices of the company in the production of balancing equipment for tire fitting. The diameter of the disc is 13 ″ -24 ″ inches (330 - 610 mm). The width of the disc is 5.5 ″ -20 ″ inches (140 - 510 mm).

Measurement time sec 8
Balancing Speed ​​rpm 200
Maximum wheel weight Maximum wheel weight kg 150