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Heavy duty tire changers require more equipment due to the size of the vehicles they serve. These tire changers can work with wheels up to 56 inches (142 cm) in diameter and tires up to 22.5 cm in diameter and up to 43 inches wide. They are mainly used for agricultural SUVs and construction vehicles, but there are currently larger versions designed for mounting and dismounting tires up to 95 inches, and equipped with a self-centering four-lip hydraulic chuck with clamping jaws that can clamp from 14 to 58 inches from either the wheel inside or from the center hole.

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Tire changer LT-3650 for trucks

Tire changer LT-3650 for trucks

Easily replace the tires of trucks, buses, tractors and other heavy equipment.

Easy to mount / dismantle bracket.

Mobile control station for user convenience.

220 volts single-phase power.

Clamp covers, press clamps with beads, scrap and an instruction manual are included.