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Power towers are mounted directly on the platform and easily move along rail supports along the entire perimeter of the platform. The platform itself is made of solid sheet metal, which provides maximum structural rigidity that can withstand maximum loads. For the convenience of installing a damaged car on a platform, it is equipped with a lifting device that tilts one side for the convenience of rolling the car.For vehicles with jammed wheels, support trolleys (included) and winch (optional) can be used. The working height of the platform and the height of the fixing racks provide maximum access to all parts of the body being repaired. A wide range of standard accessories make this slipway attractive compared to its competitors.

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Three-tower slipway, 10 t.

The platform slipway is designed for all types of repair work on damaged car bodies. The slipway is equipped with three tower-type power devices with a maximum force of 10 tons each.

The effort of the hydraulic cylinder max. 10 t.
Pressure in the hydraulic system 70 MPa
Tower rotation angle 360 ​​°