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Features of the Launch CNC 601A stand:

• The latest generation stand with the latest features;

• Compatibility with both electromagnetic and mechanical nozzles;

• Ability to test up to 6 nozzles at the same time;

• The stand can also be used to clean nozzles;

• Imitation of real engine operation taking into account the specific system;

• Automatic draining of test fluid from flasks using the DRAIN button;

• A curtain that protects the test portion from contamination;

• A rack with a door reduces noise level during the work;

• The design allows you to test any type of nozzle: with the top, with a side supply (GDI, HPI, FSI, etc.);

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The stand for washing diagnostics of nozzles with a box CNC-601A

LAUNCH CNC 601A - stand for testing and comprehensive maintenance of fuel systems. Diagnoses up to 6 mechanical or electromagnetic injectors at the same time. The functionality of the stand includes the ability to clean nozzles in an ultrasonic bath; it is also possible to clean the intake valves and combustion chambers without removing or disassembling the engine.

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz;
Power of the ultrasonic emitter: 100W;
Testing fluid pressure: 0 - 0.65 MPa;