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Key features and purpose of STRONGBEL 21S

- Rolling discs (rolling out or dressing) is carried out using four rollers (two center and two rotary)

- Disc runout is measured relative to the rollers and the contact of the disc

- The disc is mounted on a universal faceplate, centered through calibrated spacer rings

- Due to the powerful design of the frame and frame easily "durable" discs including the "GAZelle"

- Due to the fine adjustment of the rollers, it is possible to straighten various types of discs, including, in some cases, alloy wheels

- Installation of a cutter is possible (by request)

- Possible equipment 220 / 380v

- All guides are made according to the principle of an adjustable "dovetail" - backlashes are excluded

- The threaded table feed drive is through the thrust bearing - a guarantee of durability

- Quick change rollers for rolling alloy wheels (optional)

- The shaft is driven through a reliable gearbox with a sufficient supply of torque

- a key for manual (preliminary) straightening of disks is included in the basic package.

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The stand for editing of disks StrongBel

StrongBEL 21S stamped disc dressing machine allows you to restore the profile of seats for tire installation, eliminate ellipse, radial and axial runout of the wheel of a car wheel without significant physical effort.

Straightening is performed by the method of simultaneous or sequential two-sided rolling of the outer and inner part of the disk by stationary and rotary rollers.

Supply voltage3х380V
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)700х900х1200 mm
Weight 250 kg