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Structurally, the stand for dressing disks is represented by a set of assemblies and units mounted in accordance with functional relationships on a metal bedside table equipped with a drawer mounted on four supports that ensure the stability of the stand as a whole. The stand is equipped with an electric drive using a two-stage gearbox of increased power, the torque of which is transmitted from the output shaft of the drive, through the faceplate and directly to the disk itself. The disk is mounted on the faceplate using a centering washer and special mounting bolts that are included with this disk stand. It is possible to mount discs with four, five and six holes.

The dressing of the disks is carried out by rolling using four support rollers for editing the landing flange and two pressure rollers, which are controlled by a screw drive. Unlike well-known analogues, the design of the drive of the pinch rollers uses a solution that allows you to change both the clamping angle and the distance between the casing of the pin and the pin itself with the pinch rollers, which ensures accurate editing of the J-profile of the disk, consistent across the entire flange surface. The radial inlet of the pressure rollers significantly reduces the preparation time for rolling the disc.

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The stand for editing of disks SIBEK "Premier-M

The “Premier-M” disc dressing bench is designed for dressing the side flanges and the landing flange of stamped discs of domestic passenger cars (VOLGA, NIVA, SOBOL, GAZelle), as well as imported cars up to 17 inches in diameter.

The size of the repaired wheels, the diameter of the landing shelf, inches from 13 to 17
The size of the processed disks, width of a rim, inchesfrom 3,5 to 11
The maximum thickness of the metal in the place of correction, mm3
Supply voltage380