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The main advantage of the stand is the use of powerful hydraulics to move and press the rolling rollers to the disk, which allows the machine to cope with the repair of large, up to 17 inches in diameter and up to 3.5 mm thick steel wheels of light trucks and vans. A distinctive feature of the machine is the manual control of each hydraulic cylinder with five handles located on the front panel.

The use of cylindrical guides, traditional for the Premier model line, to move carriages with rollers gives the machine the necessary rigidity for working with large disks. The serial “Premier Hydravlik” is red with a cam faceplate. If a different color is needed or a faceplate with radial grooves is needed, this must be agreed upon when ordering. At the moment, this is the most powerful machine for rolling steel disks.

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The stand for editing of disks SIBEK "Premier Hydravlik"

The Premier-Gidravlik stand is designed for the repair of stamped steel disks in passenger cars and light trucks with a landing diameter of up to 17 inches inclusive.

The size of the repaired wheels, the diameter of the landing shelf, inches from 12 to 17from 12 to 17
The size of the processed disks, width of a rim, inchesfrom 3,5 to 11
The maximum thickness of the metal in the place of correction, mm3,5
Supply voltage380±10%