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The disk to be repaired is fixed on the plate, a group of slots of which allows fixing any disk of the above size.

Hydraulic drive of "Favorite-S" stand allows to reach nominal force in the zone of editing up to 3080 kg, which, in most cases, allows to completely restore geometry of the disc to be repaired.

It is equipped with replaceable striking nozzles and working rods.

A tool box is provided to store a set of auxiliary tools in the stand design.

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The stand for editing of disks SIBEK "Favorite-S"

Special feature of the disc editing machine Favorite-S:

Differs from other models by a reinforced swivel bracket, which makes it easier to install the disc to be repaired on the faceplate

To install the disk, part of the bracket is moved to the non-working position, then the disk is installed on the faceplate, the bracket is returned to the working position and fixed

Net weight227,5 kg