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Ease of use is one of the main advantages of stands unlike similar models of other manufacturers, as well as availability of repair.

"Favorite-Prestige" has additional options:

1. Two hydraulic cylinders with two-arm hydraulic distributor with possibility of simultaneous operation, one of which can be used as hydraulic stop using round nozzle.

2. RH stop with upper fixation of hydraulic cylinder for edges straightening.

3. Equipped with the "eight" editing stop.

4. Reinforced rotary bracket with installation of additional mechanical stop, which facilitates installation of repaired disk on faceplate, and stop fixes disk in required position.

To install the disc, a portion of the bracket is retracted, then the disc is mounted on the faceplate, the bracket is returned to the operating position and locked. This option is especially useful for large and wide drives. The design was tested in its own tire repair workshops and received user approval.

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The stand for editing of disks SIBEK "Favorite Prestige"

The "Favorite-Prestige" disc editing stand is designed to edit particularly complex damages of cast and forged alloy discs, as well as to edit the "eight" and spines of discs from 10 to 26 inches inclusive (from 22 inches use a mobile bracket).

Overall dimensions max615х1195х1655 mm
Net weight282 kg