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Ease of use is one of the main advantages of stands unlike similar models of other manufacturers, as well as availability of repair. "Favorite-P" also has an additional option - reinforced turning bracket, which facilitates installation of the repaired disk on the tablet. To install the disc, a portion of the bracket is retracted, then the disc is mounted on the faceplate, the bracket is returned to the operating position and locked. This option is especially useful for large and wide drives. The design was tested in its own tire repair workshops and received user approval.

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The stand for editing of disks SIBEK "Favorite-P"

The "Favorite-P" disc editing stand is designed to edit cast and forged alloy discs from 10 to 24 inches inclusive (up to 24 inches - using a mobile bracket). Shaft is made of tool steel 50Х with increased wear resistance and strength. An electric spindle rotation drive is added, designed to facilitate the search of the disc editing area, which certainly improves productivity and quality of work.

Supply voltage380V
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)890 × 610 × 1270 mm
Weight 255