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• Special electric motor with protection against overheating and overload;

• Simple operation;

• Massive flywheel;

• High accuracy of setting the speed and minimum response time to a change in speed;

• Positioning accuracy;

• The counterweight facilitates the process of adjusting the height of the measuring system.

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The stand for checking nozzles (for trucks)

The Bosch booth is designed exclusively for testing and tuning diesel fuel injection pumps and their components. Designed for testing fuel injection pump up to 12 cylinders. After testing, all data can be printed in the protocol. It is easy to use and environmentally friendly due to the reduction of oil vapors and fog.

Output Power (Continuous) 10.2 kW
Output power(within 20 min) 15 kW
Output power (within 60 s) 17.5 kW(within 60 s) 17.5 kW