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When carrying out bodywork using a spotter, a fastener is welded to the deformed part, for which later jammed metal is pulled with the help of a reverse hammer or other device.

Spotter - the device is light and fast in operation, which will certainly affect productivity. It can work with various tools. It is equipped with a multifunctional welding gun, a grounded clamp and a set of components for repairing a car body. Weld discs, washers and corrugated wire.The set of delivery together with the device includes a universal set for welding studs and straightening dents, a reverse hammer, carbon electrodes, a pneumatic reverse hammer, a tip for one-sided spot welding, a tip for welding washers and corrugated wire, studs, bolts, consumables.

The cart for moving the device and storing consumables and accessories is very convenient when moving the device directly to the damaged car.

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Spot welding machine (SPOTTER) FY-7G

Spotter is a single-side spot welding machine. The Spotter is especially convenient when straightening body parts, which are difficult to access from the inside.

Rated voltage 220V / 50HZ
Power Consumption 10 kVA
Type point