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It is not recommended to work the grinder in damp rooms.

Any operations must be carried out with the power cable disconnected from the network.

If necessary, at the end of work, it is necessary to clean the surface of the grinder from dust with an air jet.

It is necessary to lubricate the grinder periodically (every 50 hours) with 2/3 drops of special oil in the place where the compressed air is connected.In this case, it is necessary to keep the machine in an upright position with the connection point up. After lubrication, turn on the machine for a few seconds.

Before long-term storage and non-use of the machine, it is recommended that the grinding machine be lubricated.

Other consumer interventions are NOT ALLOWED!

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Pneumatic grinder

Powerful, silent, easy to use, it is intended for final grinding of surfaces and is designed for long-term use.

vibration amplitude 5mm
Type grind machine flat
Platform Width93 mm