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OPT balance function.

Indicator hiding function.

Automatic pressure gauge.

Multi-balancing choice for various wheel designs.

Multiposition methods.

Self calibration program to ensure long life.

Ounce / gram conversion.

The imbalance value is displayed accurately and the position for adding standard weights is indicated exactly.

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Phoenix CB-800

Over 20 years of development and numerous updates, the technology has the best accuracy, it does not exceed 1 g of error. The antistatic balancing wheel sensor creates higher sensitivity. The main part of the body is made of a laser-welded steel plate, the surface is smoother and more seamless. A specially made engine has an engine power of 250 W and a balancing speed of 220 rpm.

Engine power 110 V / 220 V / 380 V 250 W
rim diameter 10 "-24" 10 "-24"
balancing accuracy± 1 g