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• OPT balance function.

• Multi-balancing choice for various wheel designs.

• Multiposition methods.

• Self-calibration program.

• Ounce / gram conversion.

• The imbalance value is displayed accurately, and the position for adding standard weights is definitely indicated.

• Automatic start with a hood.

• Imbalance accuracy ± 1g.

• Motorcycle adapter (optional).

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Phoenix CB-550

Many additional ways to position the wheel

Self-calibrating program for long life

Unit Conversion Function (gram ounce)

Fault diagnosis display to make maintenance more convenient

Protective hood

Engine power 110 V / 220 V / 380 V 250 W
Max. wheel weighing device 154Lb (70 kg)
Rim Width 1.5 "-20" (38 mm-508 mm)