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Designed for small and medium body repairs of cars with flanged thresholds (for cars without flanged thresholds, special fasteners are used).

It is possible to mount car bodies without flanging thresholds using special sets of clips.

The efficiency and versatility of these devices is the main, but far from their only advantage. Among others, I would especially like to note the availability and high reliability of the auxiliary devices we sell. Their purchase is an economically viable and appropriate, from the point of view of business, event.

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Overhead slipway for body repair, 10 t.

A floor-mounted slipway for body repair is an auxiliary equipment designed for small and medium-sized body repair and light restoration work of cars in the absence of a full slipway or when its use is impractical.

Type Frame
Necessary area for work (m) 7 x 4
Sliding height with power devices (m) 1,6