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• Automatic automatic transmission oil filling

• Automatic switching of pumping-filling mode

• Automatic circulation in automatic transmission cleaning mode

• Automatic replacement of new and old oil

• Monitoring fluid pressure and outlet pressure

• Electronic control of the ratio of the amount of new and used oil

• Visual control of the work process (control of the level of pumped out, spent and new• Possibility of filling with detergent (detergent)

• Selection of the type of transmission fluid by its viscosity

• A printer for printing work results

• Automatic and manual oil change mode



• The base kit includes adapters for most types of automatic transmissions of car manufacturers in Europe, Asia and America, which ensures the use of the installation for almost any car coming to the service

• Full 100% automatic replacement of used transmission fluid with a new one

• The maximum duration of the fluid replacement cycle in an automatic transmission does not exceed 20 minutes

• Light weight and 4-wheel platform make it easy to move the unit

• Simultaneous monitoring of temperature and oil pressure

• Exhaust fluid drain with one button• Color LCD display and ergonomic design for easy operation

• All the necessary information on the screen

• Printout of the results of the oil change procedure and additional vehicle data

• Installation application allows:

o to improve the automatic transmission and extend its performance

o eliminate vibration, increased oil consumption and automatic transmission overheating

o carry out effective recirculation after incomplete manual oil change

o restore the performance of automatic transmissions without disassembly

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Oil change in automatic transmission LAUNCH CAT 501

The CAT-501S installation allows you to remove almost 100% of the “waste”, while filling the box with fresh liquid. The CAT-501S offers the wizard a series of automatic functions that help you perform any automatic transmission maintenance procedure quickly and easily with just one device.

Power Supply, AC 220 V / 50 Hz
Weight 70kg
Dimensions 700 x 590 x 1037 mm