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The inverter of the MIG-180 Pro series at a maximum welding current has a PV of 60%. It works from a 220 V power supply network in the range of ± 15% without reducing performance. It has a low level of energy consumption, high stability of arc burning, low level of open circuit voltage, self-regulation of arc power, ease of control.

The developers equipped the semiautomatic device with reinforced power elements for overloading the welding current, a system for controlling overheating and power surges. To change the polarity, a power cable with a bayonet plug is located on the front panel of the semiautomatic device.Functional Features:

- Versatility (two in one), two welding modes: MIG semi-automatic welding, MMA welding with a coated electrode.

- Metal housing of the wire feed mechanism

- Welding gas and self-protective welding wire

- Light weight and overall dimensions

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MIG-180 welding machine (INVERTER) MIG

Semi-automatic welding machine Profi MIG-180 is designed for welding steel, aluminum and stainless steel alloys. Ideal for welding work in garages and small industries.

Type of machine welding inverter
Manual arc welding MMAyes
Type of output current DC