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• design allows for quick installation of a damaged vehicle on a slipway

• mobile movement of the slipway with the car being repaired to the desired section of the body shop

• the slipway is equipped with two- and three-hinged power devices for 10 tons

• the design of the power device allows you to very quickly adjust the direction and height of the hood, while providing access to important repair areas• the ability to perform straightening operations of the vehicle in both different and the same directions at the same time, which is especially justified when correcting complex damage, when during straightening it is necessary to periodically change the direction of traction

• free (stepless) selection of the angle of attachment of the power device (ie 360 degrees) around the car)

• the three-hinged power device is equipped with a rotary assembly, which allows you to change the angle of the inclined tower to 90 degrees• universal clamps included in the basic package can be fixed at any point in the frame, which is especially convenient for fastening modern bodies (for fixing bodies that do not have flanged thresholds, additional adapters are required)

• universal clamps (4 pcs. In a set) are extensible in jaws up to 70 mm., Which allows clamping frame cars and have a rotation of 360 g around its axis, which allows clamping cars with damaged lower body parts• free choice of angle, choice of the angle of fastening of power devices and free movement of the slipway clamps allows you to pull the car simultaneously in four directions, which significantly reduces time and improves the quality of work.

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Lifting berth, 10 t.

Leveling slipway is designed to restore emergency bodies of any model of passenger and freight vehicles. The construction of the slipway is an upgraded version of straightening stands for dressing bodies.

The effort of the hydraulic cylinder max. 10 t.
Tower rotation angle 360 ​​°
Payload 3,000 kg.