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Important points and opportunities

- simplicity of the procedure, unique speed of action, elimination of operator errors.

- the measurement procedure is performed using a unique laser projection and technology for removing the projection from the surface of the wheels.

- safety: the possibility of accidental damage to the disks is completely excluded, due to the fact that it is not required to install additional measuring elements on the car.

- A faster measurement procedure compared to a 3D stand, which significantly affects the overall speed of the process.

- significantly speeds up the workflow due to the fact that there is no need to install any additional measuring elements on the car or to carry out the compensation procedure before a quick measurement.

- voice and visual accompaniment and instructions in the process.

- Ergonomic 4-post lift with equipped mechanisms and parts, the most convenient and suitable for work.

- competitive price in comparison with other manufacturers.

- A unique experience for customers in your workshop.

In stock

Launch X-931

Launch X-931 is a completely new type of equipment with which you can accurately make the alignment without the need to install auxiliary devices on wheels or disks. All calculations are carried out using a non-contact laser and cameras, vehicle disks are not damaged and the measurement process time is significantly saved. The equipment is an ideal solution for professional car services with a large flow of vehicles, being able to work with maximum accuracy and in the shortest possible time.

Measurement range General convergence ± 20︒
Individual toe± 10︒
Camber ± 10︒