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Advanced technology to avoid dead corners throughout the process.

Seamless welded make sure the fixed system is durable.

Adjust the angle of the working head according to the various tires safely and conveniently.

Dual roller design to enhance work efficiency.

The bifurcated design of the roller reduces power and noise, making the process smoother.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble various types of discs using the three-point ladder design for clamping method.

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Launch TWC-821

Unlike the traditional LAUNCH TWC-821 automatic tire changer, as Launch’s latest TRUCKS automatic tire changer,

It has an exquisite design to save space. Thanks to advanced technology and ease of operation, it can effectively increase work efficiency, reduce failure rate and reduce costs.

Three-phase power supply 380V / 220V ~ 1,5kW 50Hz
Maximum Wheel Width 17.72 ”
Maximum wheel diameter 1300 mm