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The design reduces the area occupied by the device during storage, and simplifies its delivery to different places of work. High mobility is also facilitated by large wheels in rubber tires, suitable even for off-road driving. A separate nozzle storage compartment eliminates their loss. The applied innovative solutions ensure work without overwork, as well as quick preparation of the device for use and quick re-equipment in the process. The EASY! Force pistol reduces the holding force of the lever to zero by using the recoil force of the high-pressure jet

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Jee PLUS washer

The high-pressure apparatus without heating water with a drive from a three-phase electric motor impresses with its ease of use and excellent performance parameters: 230 bar at a water flow rate of up to 1000 l / h.

Max. water temperature, ° C 60
Power supply, V / Hz 400/50
Power consumption, kW 7.8