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Under the conditions of the parameters of modern passenger vehicles, to ensure the normal process of their maintenance, the rolling jack should have an insignificant indicator of carrying capacity (about 2 tons), respectively, the height of the lift and pickup should correspond to the basic requirements. A hydraulic lifting jack of 2 tons combines all the necessary qualities and special advantages provided by the manufacturer. This is a jack with a lifting capacity of 2 tons, a lifting height of 32 centimeters, and a pickup height of 12.5 centimeters.

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Hydraulic Rolling Jack

A hydraulic car jack must be present in the garage of each vehicle owner. The needs associated with the need to raise the car body can be different: from replacing tires and wheels to inspecting the underbody. And in this case there is no need for powerful tools, it is enough that a rolling jack is always at hand all the time, which, due to its properties, is convenient to use

payload2000 kg
Lifting Height 340 mm
Pickup Height 140 mm