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You can lift cars with a low landing - the pickup height is only 75 mm. Thanks to the handle of optimal length and ergonomic shape, it helps reduce operator labor. Rigid construction and high-quality articulated bolts contribute to the load resistance of the jack. It is equipped with a cardan mechanism for safe lifting of loads. The model is protected from overload by a special valve, which increases its service life.The entire installation is coated with high-quality powder paint, which provides reliable corrosion protection and aesthetic appearance. Attention: the product is intended only for lifting, and not for holding the load. When working with the jack, it is recommended to use safety stands for reliable load securing, as well as wheel chocks

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Hydraulic Jack (Low Rise)

Low rolling jack - professional equipment designed for tire and technical works. Two-piston hydraulic jack for faster lifting.

Maximum lifting height, mm: 515
Minimum lifting height, mm: 75
Payload, t: 3