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This diagnostic stand, which is essentially an electronic-mechanical expert, detects problems related to balancing, uneven tire stiffness, tire and tire runout, wheel mounting errors before balancing and incorrect tire rim alignment. And also - it is able to identify and eliminate lateral withdrawal, to carry out the selection of tires to the disks, saves weights WITHOUT mutual rotation of the tire and the disk. If you have an optional printer, it will create color printouts of the results BEFORE and AFTER. If there is an optional laser pointer, BMT - will indicate with the laser the places of stuffing, and other exclusive features.

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Hunter RoadForce Elite

The HUNTER Road Force® Elite (RFE) vibration control provides Road Force® (wheel ride test) and balances faster than traditional balancers. Road Force® Elite solves wheel vibration problems that traditional balancing machines cannot detect and correct.

Effort of a roller Variable to 567 kg
Disc width 38 mm - 521 mm (1.5 "- 20.5")
Disc diameter254 mm - 762 mm (10 "- 30") *