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The portal is driven by two electric motors. The portal wheels have a two-sided flange to prevent derailment of the guide rails during movement, which provides additional reliability in the operation of the equipment.

The group of side brushes is mounted on two independent leading carriages, which move along inclined guides made of stainless steel. The brush smoothly describes the contour of the car.Water supply of the complex and power supply is carried out through a system of flexible lines and cables, transported behind the portal on transport trolleys. It is also possible to use an alternative suspension system, when the lines fit into a special plastic caterpillar and move after it, which helps to protect communications from damage and excesses.

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Automatic car wash

The design of the car wash is a U-shaped portal with installed equipment and containers with detergents. In the process, the car is stationary, and located in the equipment coverage area. The portal moving along the guide rails moves along the car, sequentially performing various maintenance operations.

Productivity up to10 cars per hour
Power consumption up to 18 kW
Pure water consumption up to120 liters per machine