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1. Support for reading / clearing codes and data functions in real time for all systems

2. Reading and clearing fault codes, monitoring and testing of BMS / Oil Reset / SRS / EPB / DPF systems, Throttle valve matching functions.

3. Oil relief support

4. Support battery registration and reset

5. Diesel particulate matter, including forced regeneration

6. Steering angle sensor (SAS) function

7. Retrain parking brake pads after replacement

8. Reset service mileage and service intervals

9. Switch off the warning brake lamp for the computer.

10. Perform O2 monitor, on-board monitor, I / M readiness and component testing

11. Printing diagnostic messages through a PC connection

12. Global OBD II coverage for US domestic, Asian and European brands and models

13. All OBD II protocols, all 10 test modes and Improved Support for OBD II mode 6

14. Update: a free software update for the entire lifetime

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Auto Diagnostic Scanner MD808P Autel

Designed to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level. Loaded with oil drain, battery registration and reset, re-examination of brake pads after replacement, steering angle sensor and diesel particulate filter regeneration functions, the MD808 Pro can access all available modules for the best possible diagnostic operations.

Processor ARM® Thumb® Processor (400 MHz)
Memory 32 MB, 166 MHz
Display 4.0 inch LCD with 800x480 resolution