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To use air-plasma cutting is much more profitable than other methods of cutting metal:

use of compressed air rather than propane or other gases,

inexpensive consumables: nozzles, electrodes, collets,

unpretentiousness to purity of metal,

minimum costs for further processing of parts after cutting,

lower safety requirements,

there are no restrictions on the qualification of the operator,

compactness of the source.

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Air plasma cutting 36A (CUT)

Equipment for plasma cutting is intended for cutting and cutting of metal and alloys, as well as any conductive metals up to 35 mm thick. Metals such as various alloys, copper, aluminum, brass and others are easily cut with this machine with minimal influx and maximum quality, which does not require further grinding.

Power 16.0kW
Welding current 20-100A
Supply Voltage 380V