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• One stage of air compression;

• Improved design of the compressor group with radiator fins ensures optimal thermal operation due to efficient heat dissipation;

• Built-in thermal protection will eliminate compressor damage that occurs as a result of overheating;

• The fine air filter effectively retains solid particles and prevents them from entering the working cylinders• The new design of the crankcase, patented by FIAC, will provide minimum ablation of compressor oil;

• Most of the condensate that forms during compression (air compression) forms in the receiver. This significantly reduces the amount of moisture at the compressor outlet and protects the air line against corrosion.
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Air compressor 200l

Air Compressor A series of direct driven oil compressors. Does not throw out oil, has a long service life. The air compressor is used in a wide variety of small business sectors: car service, furniture and finishing workshops, small facade work and repairs.

Rpm 2800
Power 5.5 HP
Voltage 380 V