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As a power unit, asynchronous three-phase, single-phase motors are used. Use a belt drive or direct drive. Stations are equipped with piston, screw compressor units. The productivity of units of this type is sufficient to provide compressed air to medium and small industries. So, they can equip a paint shop, auto repair shops.The main advantages of 150 L compressors are as follows:

• high rates of productivity, profitability;

• effective smoothing of pressure pulsations;

• universality of application.

In addition, compressor units of this type provide the required level of safety. Their operation is possible without registration with technical supervision bodies

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Air compressor, 150l

Air compressors with a 150 liter receiver are used to produce compressed air. A variety of pneumatic tools, industrial equipment are connected to them. Such units are indispensable in various types of production, where pneumatic technologies are used. The technical parameters implemented in the design allow the use of compressors of 150 liters in continuous operation.

Power supply single-phase
Motor: 2.2 kW / 4 kW 2.2 kW / 4 kW
Voltage: 220 W