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Strong grip without slipping

The hexagonal shape of the pharynx of the 15-inch adjustable wrench Sata 47206 allows to increase the grip density of the fastener up to 50% and reduces the risk of slipping by almost 2 times.

Stepless adjustment

The enlarged screw provides smooth adjustment and high sensitivity, due to which the most accurate girth of surfaces is achieved, without the formation of gaps

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Adjustable wrench

The 15-inch adjustable wrench Sata 47206 is equipped with an enlarged adjusting screw for smooth adjustment of the opening of the pharynx, a wide handle for the possibility of transmitting more effort, as well as a convenient hexagonal working profile for stronger fixation on the fasteners without the risk of slipping and tearing of the edges.

Length 380 mm
Max jaw spacing 45.2 mm
Cover on the handleno