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With a double safety system: mechanical interlock and hydraulic closing system. Mobility and maneuverability - use both indoors and outdoors, and at the sink; Waterproof housing for outdoor use. Due to the fact that the columns are electro-hydraulic, a short rise time and a low noise level are ensured during operation Various configuration options for 4, 6 or more columns. The adapter is adjustable, allows pickup of a car with a wheel size of 280-580 mmm

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4 racks, 30 tons

Electro-hydraulic lift ML4030 (set - 4 racks) with special adapters for heavy vehicles. Each rack has its own hydraulic system, thanks to which the adapters are raised and lowered. Decentralized control system. Commands for raising, lowering and emergency stop can be given from any column and using the remote control. The switch on the leading rack for choosing the operation with one, two / four or all columns. SCM control system provides synchronization of lifting.

Payload: 7500kg per column
Number of Racks:4
Lifting Height:1700 mm