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Design features. The main design feature of the compressor is its ability to reach its optimum operating temperature in just 4 minutes. The minimum warm-up time eliminates the formation of condensate in the internal circuit of the compressor, thereby increasing the reliability of the entire compressed air supply system.

Note. Compressors have long service intervals (2500-3000 hours). The general arrangement of the compressor provides convenient access to all parts, which allows maintenance to be carried out promptly and without difficulty

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2800 Screw compressor, 200-1000l

Destination. The screw compressors of the series are specially designed to work in enterprises with uneven consumption of compressed air. Type the ideal compressor for car service. The optimal solution for equipping large tire centers and plumbing repair sites. It can be successfully used in small enterprises to power industrial pneumatics.

Screw Belt Drive
Productivity: 400 L / min
Pressure: 13 bar