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If necessary, lower the lift - the mechanic simply presses the Down button, and the system itself lifts the carriages, removes them from the stoppers and, holding the stopper, lowers the car to a level of 20 cm from the floor, then warns the mechanic with an audible signal about the proximity of the vehicle and carriages to floor. In an emergency, just release the button and the stopper will come into the activated position.A fully manual mode for controlling carriage movement and stoppers is also available. Automatic (electromagnetic) unlocking of the safety mechanism. Payload - 3.5t. Power consumption: 2.2kW, supply voltage: 220V. The lift is provided with a 12-month warranty for the local market, 24 months for export. Installation by our experts is possible, who "put" the elevator on the floors prepared in advance. Installation is also warranted

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2-x rack-mount Launch TLT 235 SBA 3,5 tons

World-class lift LAUNCH TLT-235SBA-220 with lower synchronization with a lifting capacity of 3.5 t, a lifting height of 1880 mm! With automatic unlocking of safety stops, 2-post electro-hydraulic, asymmetric lift with floor frame for service stations with a limited ceiling height (lower synchronization). Features: The lower limit switch provides safety, reminding you to check the space under the lowered vehicle starting from a distance of 200mm from the floor (if necessary, installation at a different height or shutdown). The upper automatic limit switch excludes the operation of the hydraulic station “point blank”, extending the service life and the possibility of damage to the cuffs.

Weight 655 kg
Lowering time 40 s
Rise time50 s