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Galvanized wire rope made of durable and tensile stranded arched wires.

The four-to-four roller chain is produced by a well-known national brand; it has 121 handles per roller chain.

The large cylinder is equipped with durable surface paint.

The main lever is made by large and powerful locks with shutters that prevent deformation.

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2 rack-mount Phoenix, 4 tons

Glossy sprocket made of carbon steel.

The central shaft has a higher abrasion resistance, therefore, a longer service life.

One of the advantages of polymer slip is durability.

The wide stand of the runway is made of an iron plate, 4.75 mm thick.

The cable pulley is made of mild steel with a smooth surface to protect galvanized cables.

Design: Two posts
Type: Double Cylinder Hydraulic
Lift Payload: 4000kg