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Unite U-850 Unite U-850

Balancing machine UNITE U-850 - professional equipment that is used to balance the wheels of cars, trucks and buses, combining all the best practices of the company in the production of balancing equipment for tire fitting. The diameter of the disc is 13 ″ -24 ″ inches (330 - 610 mm). The width of the disc is 5.5 ″ -20 ″ inches (140 - 510 mm).

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Launch KWB-821

Different types of balancing modes, suitable for high precision balancing of trucks and cars

New vertical screen design for easy understanding of function

Automatic measuring scale, without manual input

The weight of the paste is indicated using a laser

Pneumatic lift system foot pedal

Wheel protection provides better tire protection

Work with a 13-24 ”car wheel

Launch of comprehensive guarantees

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Hunter RoadForce Elite

The HUNTER Road Force® Elite (RFE) vibration control provides Road Force® (wheel ride test) and balances faster than traditional balancers. Road Force® Elite solves wheel vibration problems that traditional balancing machines cannot detect and correct.

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