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Unite U-870a Unite U-870a

The Unite U-870 balancing stand is equipped with an LCD monitor. 3 ALU operates and a static balancing program. The electronic measuring system determines the width of the wheel without operator intervention.

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Roadbuck CB-250

Wheel Balancer - CB250 Digital display for wheel balancing It is used for professional car repair shop and tire workshop. Digital display for wheel balancing It is used for professional car repair shop and tire workshop.

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RoadBuck CB-550

Self-calibration and function diagnostics

Function balance dynamic and static modes

Equipped with fast Haweka nut from Germany

Automatic LCD display separately shows numeric

6 balancing modes: dynamic, static, ALU- 1, 2, 3, S

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Phoenix CB-550

Many additional ways to position the wheel

Self-calibrating program for long life

Unit Conversion Function (gram ounce)

Fault diagnosis display to make maintenance more convenient

Protective hood

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Phoenix CB-800

Over 20 years of development and numerous updates, the technology has the best accuracy, it does not exceed 1 g of error. The antistatic balancing wheel sensor creates higher sensitivity. The main part of the body is made of a laser-welded steel plate, the surface is smoother and more seamless. A specially made engine has an engine power of 250 W and a balancing speed of 220 rpm.

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Launch KWB-421

The balancing Launch KWB-421 machine is suitable for carrying out repair work, adjustment and balancing of wheels of cars.

Balancing can be carried out in 3 modes - dynamic, static and special. The machine has wide functionality, high accuracy of measurements and a great, convenient design. Suitable for work with tires of small and medium size.

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Wheel Balancer Hunter SmartWeight® Pro

This is the latest intuitive wheel balancer that offers high-end, premium features at an attractive price. The balancing machine is equipped with a non-contact wheel measuring system, which allows a specialist to easily determine the position of a weight using a laser pointer, simplifying the balancing process. Hunter’s proprietary software and SmartWeight® technology help improve balance, minimize weight and maximize productivity.

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