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Washing machines


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Washer Karcher

The EASY! Force gun reduces the holding force of the lever to zero by using the recoil force of the high-pressure jet, and the EASY! Lock connectors allow you to attach and disconnect accessories 5 times faster than using conventional threaded connectors, which they are not inferior in reliability and durability. The device was designed for daily work in difficult conditions.

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Jee PLUS washer

The high-pressure apparatus without heating water with a drive from a three-phase electric motor impresses with its ease of use and excellent performance parameters: 230 bar at a water flow rate of up to 1000 l / h.

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Automatic washing for trucks

The high-performance washing installation will easily cope with the most complex tasks. This innovative equipment is ideally suited for the regular maintenance of various types of trucks in motor vehicles or utilities, as well as for equipping commercial sinks. Built on a modular basis, the TB series are highly reliable, easy to maintain, efficient and have a good wash.

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Automatic car wash

The design of the car wash is a U-shaped portal with installed equipment and containers with detergents. In the process, the car is stationary, and located in the equipment coverage area. The portal moving along the guide rails moves along the car, sequentially performing various maintenance operations.

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