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Launch TWC-821

Unlike the traditional LAUNCH TWC-821 automatic tire changer, as Launch’s latest TRUCKS automatic tire changer,

It has an exquisite design to save space. Thanks to advanced technology and ease of operation, it can effectively increase work efficiency, reduce failure rate and reduce costs.

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Tire changer UNITE U-290 for trucks Tire changer UNITE U-290 for trucks

Truck tire changer from 14 to 26 "

The tire fitting stand for tire fitting of truck wheels and agricultural machinery UNITE U-290 is used to work with both chamber and tubeless tires. The reliable and powerful hydraulic drive of the working carriage allows you to dismantle even the busiest on the disk. The hydraulic drive of the clamping mechanism, coupled with an electric motor and gearbox, securely fasten and rotate the disk. The remote control panel (joystick) can be installed in any place convenient for the operator.

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Tire changer LT-3650 for trucks

Tire changer LT-3650 for trucks

Easily replace the tires of trucks, buses, tractors and other heavy equipment.

Easy to mount / dismantle bracket.

Mobile control station for user convenience.

220 volts single-phase power.

Clamp covers, press clamps with beads, scrap and an instruction manual are included.

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