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Gas key

Gas or pipe wrenches are used to provide a secure fit for threaded pipes and bolts.

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Universal key (parrot)

Pliers with displaceable axis. The joint method in the joint allows you to expand the range of applications of this tool. Insulated handles for comfortable work.

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Adjustable wrench

The 15-inch adjustable wrench Sata 47206 is equipped with an enlarged adjusting screw for smooth adjustment of the opening of the pharynx, a wide handle for the possibility of transmitting more effort, as well as a convenient hexagonal working profile for stronger fixation on the fasteners without the risk of slipping and tearing of the edges.

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Ratchet spanner

The combination ratchet wrench is a convenient and compact tool for working with fasteners and threaded connections. The case is made of chrome vanadium steel, which is resistant to heavy loads.

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Set of wrenches

Car Repair Tools Ratchet Wrench Set

Combined combination spanners, spanners

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Set of wrenches Force 14C

A set of keys combined in a case material with a hole to hang. Flat ring keys are made of high quality chrome vanadium steel alloy with satin finish.

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