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Air compressor, 150l

Air compressors with a 150 liter receiver are used to produce compressed air. A variety of pneumatic tools, industrial equipment are connected to them. Such units are indispensable in various types of production, where pneumatic technologies are used. The technical parameters implemented in the design allow the use of compressors of 150 liters in continuous operation.

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Air compressor with belt, Shimge 100l

The belt driven compressor is equipped with an oil / water separator, which makes the exhaust air cleaner and drier. It is also equipped with a new generation parallel-flow air pump, which is characterized by higher efficiency, low energy consumption and the absence of oil leaks compared to the first generation products.

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Air compressor, Shimge 50L

SHIMGE SGBM9033 air compressor, direct drive oil compressor series.

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Air Compressor 24L

A series of compressors with direct drive. Does not throw out oil, has a long service life. It is used in a wide variety of small business sectors: car service, furniture and finishing workshops, small facade work and repairs.

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