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Welding machines


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MIG-195 welding machine (KEMPI) MIG

The MIG-195 welding machine is suitable for gas-cooled MIG / MAG welding and carbon arc gouging, and is a great investment for professional welders.

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Spot welding machine (SPOTTER) 1500 A

Spotter is a single-side spot welding machine. The Spotter is especially convenient when straightening body parts, which are difficult to access from the inside.

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MIG-180 welding machine (INVERTER) MIG

Semi-automatic welding machine Profi MIG-180 is designed for welding steel, aluminum and stainless steel alloys. Ideal for welding work in garages and small industries.

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Spot welding machine (SPOTTER) 1300A

Suitable for welding washers, heating carbon rods, partial heating and tempering for dents in the car body.

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