About us

The Markaz TRANS Savdo company founded in 2003 was engaged in providing services of car service. Years later, the company gained the status of one of the largest suppliers of equipment for car services, earning a prestigious reputation in the automotive business market.

Today, the company "Markaz TRANS-Savdo" operates under the trademark

Our partners

The company's partners are such well-known manufacturers of equipment for service stations and hand tools, as "Launch", "RoadBuck", "Phoenix", "Unite", "Fytech", "Aeroforce", "Besito" and others.

Our mission

The main mission is to be a company that not only sells equipment, but also offers what will meet the business objectives of the client. A company that gives the client respect, care and support.

We are always ready to help you

Our adress

56 Yangi Sergeli distr., Tashkent city, Uzbekistan

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